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        NutCity houses 9999 seeds and nuts that co-exist on the blockchain. We reckon its time these “life-givers” received their share of the limelight! They are now travelling the world on the lookout for Green Panthers to help tie our metaverse with the physical world and better it. They imagine a world where your actions and decisions in the metaverse impact our real world and ultimately help save our planet. 

         The primary goal of NutCity is to create a metaverse, our very own Nuttiverse, where the user can live and grow as one with Nature. For such particular sustainable and environmental actions taken in the Nuttiverse, we aspire to imitate an equivalent move in the real world and reward the player accordingly in the Nuttiverse.

Our originator members are 8 kinds of influential seeds and nuts that have spawned into different skins, expressions, props and gear.

So, grab a seed by its nuts today and help turn the Blockchain & Earth greener!

Cheery Humanoid Mango#9.png



All hail the eternal King! While you may have been blinded by his delectably succulent golden flesh... our mango seed has main character energy! It's time we showed this resilient, hirsute hero the same love.



Cheery Humanoid Avocado#9.png

Avocado seed is the glue that holds this zany team together. While her delicious fatty fruit on some buttered toast is craved by one and all, she remains her versatile, humble self, waiting to give you a royal welcome.

Cheery Humanoid Date#9.png



Our Grande dame - the glorious date. While her luxuriously rich fruit coat is a staple with the affluent, the stately seed has a grace of her own. Don't let her catch you hogging fast food ever!

Cheery Humanoid Areca#9.png



The portly patriarch of the fam, the areca nut has seen it all. If you run into him ambling around town looking chuffed...go on and share a quip or two, just to see his belly-shaking chuckle.

Cheery Humanoid Walnut#9.png



Truly the smartest in our Nuttiverse, this golden ager is a walking encyclopedia with years of experience under his belt. But don't let the wrinkles fool you for our brainy walnut is no wallflower. You can catch the professor on weekends bopping away at our local pub- The Seedy Bar.

Cheery Humanoid Jackfruit#9.png



Our jackfruit seed is all jacked-up to protect the Nuttiverse. A little shy perhaps, but once the jacket is off there's no stopping this gentle giant at the gym! Compliment his gleaming skin and ribbed body to win a mega-watt smile in return!

Cheery Humanoid Cashew#9.png



Our ray of sunshine, the beautiful curvy cashew nut! Our delicately buttery and crunchy delight is a self-indulgent favorite. Prized by vegans and non-vegans alike, their red and orange hued fruity fascinators are sure-fire head turners.

Cheery Humanoid Gooseberry#9.png



Green and fresh, they are fit...and among the gym rats their fruit is a hit! Our out digital native, the gooseberry seed, fancies a Mohawk now and then. Get the lowdown on the perfect diet when you get cornered for a quick chat by this staunch health enthusiast.

100 NFTs have been reserved for Double Whammy, giveaways, contests, and the creators. 

The Team

Avatars to be released in phase 3
world 1.png


With over two decades of international media experience, NutBella is our strategy director. Her keen eye for detail and passion for a clean, green world ensures that we stay on top of our quest - to protect our fragile Earth, one ecosystem at a time.

Artboard 1.png


A talented architect turned programmer, he supports SeedBee in realizing her wildest dreams. Having worked on multiple global design projects, Freedseed knows how to efficiently forge a solid plan. The true backbone of the team and a true NFT enthusiast since inception, he has been working diligently to get NutCity out.



An artistic visionary, she is the blazing soul of the group. SeedBee has worked for internationally acclaimed firms as an architect, graphic designer, and art strategist. She fell back on her long lost roots of agronomy to help create the green metaverse.



Marketing wizard extraordinaire, he prides himself for getting featured by Chelsea FC. An out and out Zoomer, he endeavors to make NutCity and all its future programs and merchandising, exceedingly immersive, inclusive and sustainable.



Our four-legged lucky charm and the heart of the pack!

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