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The Journey

Activates in Phase 3 of the Roadmap

The Nuttiverse will be first thrown open to all NutCity NFT holders. A founder will lead Nutizens across quests that will experience all four worlds.
The first of its kind BUD-E will be unveiled for users to interact and learn how to maintain and use one.

We will then guide the community on how to use the Nuts & Bolts. The Nuts & Bolts will show players how they can mine, use, craft, play, earn and basically do everything to live an amazing life in the Nuttiverse





The Nuttiverse will be then thrown open to all users to come and experience the coveted worlds. Everybody can be a part of it but only NutCity NFT holders can truly own and live in the Nuttiverse.




As you grow and contribute to the upkeep of your BUD-E every day, you can play, host games and events at different parts of the Nuttiverse or choose to take part in any of the fun activities we have planned to keep you excited and engaged throughout.




After initial months of having fun, it’s time to take a look at your BUD-E. If done well, your BUD-E will automatically level up and you can gain real time tracking as to the status of your BUD-E asset IRL. We will disclose the actual real-world location of your BUD-E




The real world locations will be strategically adopted or owned by Nuttiverse. The locations will nurture and help sustain nature and the livelihoods of their caretakers. These locations will be in amazing places around the world .




As a NutCity NFT holder you can get several discounts, perks and even comped stays. In a nutshell, if you take care and develop your BUD.E well on the Nuttiverse, you can enjoy the fruits of your virtual labor by sipping wine overlooking the Aegean, next to a vineyard that you may have helped grow.


As the Nuttiverse makes its presence known in both the virtual and the physical world, we will be partnering with leading firms and practices that have sustainability as their goal. You can use ETH that you have earned in your time in the Nuttiverse to purchase, redeem all of the partner products.




Finally at the end of this wonderful journey, we aim to open bridges to other leading metaverses so that you can interact, play and even show off your work to visitors and guests.

Your BUD-E has a secret breath taking utility attached to them that will be revealed at the end and will start another journey to an unknown land …… and time.

The finale will expose a wormhole to an unknown World.
A World where time is no longer a constraint.
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