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The Official Textbook of the Nuttiverse


What is the NuttiPaper ?


The document is a comprehensive study of the working, outlook, and prospects of the Nuttiverse. The document will help you to understand the principles on which the Nuttiverse is built, and continue to grow, the use cases that can be achieved, and more importantly why the Nuttiverse is a one-of-a-kind metaverse that will save the planet and be among the frontrunners in the field.


The Nuttiverse is made up of four main worlds that are connected with the help of wormholes placed at strategic locations. The four worlds can be divided on basis of aesthetics where the BUD-E system forms the crux of all these worlds.



A culmination of our existence, a cultural potpouri of all things good that the world offers. Imagine a medley of Japanese shops alongside an American diner. Or perhaps European cobble-stoned paths with a Moroccan bazaar on either side. The possibilities give rise to interesting spaces that can never be realized in real life.


A world completely inspired by all that nature has to offer. Traverse tropical forests, deserts, and snowcapped mountains and discover what living in a peaceful hamlet by the lake feels like. World 2 will have detailed visuals of vegetation and priority would be given to smart sound implementations, so that when you are next to a brook you can hear its babble and feel its presence like you would in real life.


Complete anarchy and desolation are observed in this apocalyptic world. You may find nothing habitable here but if you dig deep, you can find artifacts and resources long forgotten by civilization. It also happens to be the base for the Nuttiverse's largest and only arsenal.


Utopia! World 4 is what we as a civilization hope to achieve in real life. From clean fuel and metal to anti-gravity structures and materials, world 4 is home to an ethereal vision crafted to be the coveted land.


The Nuttiverse will initially start as P2E based model, where users buy and sell in ETH driving the economy. Slowly and steadily, we will strive to shift to a live 2 earn economy model, where players can take up jobs such as taking care of BUD-E or even make deals by bartering resources or ETH for jobs in real life. The constant growing user base will further facilitate the growth of the Nuttiverse economy. Further to this, there will be a parallel economy running in real life. The real-world assets that are represented in the BUD-E system will be harvested and sold for profit. E.g.-

Case 1

A user taking care of a BUD-E apple tree contributes to its upkeep. The apples from the real asset are sold or harvested and partial profit is given to the farmer and an equitable amount is transferred back to the Nuttiverse in the form of ETH or resources required to the user. We will also work on realizing a profitable logistic solution that will have a part of the apples shipped to the user wherever he is.

Case 2

If the user fails to take care of his/her BUD-E apple tree, the BUD-E would automatically be owned by Nuttiverse. We will then put the BUD-E up for sale and take care of it, reap profits if any while a buyer is found. The moment a buyer is found, the BUD-E will be transferred into the new owners land.


There are about 400 million metaverse users worldwide, which is just 5% of the world population. It is assumed that by 2026 every 1 of 4 people will be in the metaverse. However, the reason that the community hasn’t expanded is that it caters to only a select group of tech enthusiasts, crypto professionals, digital artists, gaming communities, etc. Nuttiverse is going to take advantage of this functional gap to grow its user base. Along with the communities mentioned above, we will be attracting a whole crowd of climate enthusiasts, sustainable institutions, and their clientele, folks who just want to relax by investing in growing a virtual farm and enjoying real-world perks. The commercial district will also be a host to leading brands that will attract a shopping and fashion-oriented crowd. These crowds will eventually shift from online shopping to experiencing the products in a virtual world and we want to be there when that happens as a leading metaverse entity.




While players will be encouraged to regularly nurture farmlands, adopt animals, recycle, reuse, and reforest in exchange for ETH and benefits, the real fun lies in the different worlds of Nuttiverse and the various games that will be played on them.

You may find yourself on a mission in the bustling streets of Prithvi II or on a fantasy quest in the vibrant blues of the Ventis!



A designated road for a Grand Prix event. Customize and design your car with the resources you have and race to get an awesome reward


Free Fire

Arm yourselves and participate in the weekly battle in the Nuttiverse. Since everyone will be constantly developing, the map will be ever-changing and will be a new experience every time.


Jumbo Day

Your farmlands themselves are set to undergo cyclic changes that will be thrilling! You may wake up to find your farm ten times its size and may need to borrow a truck to just transport a few grapes to the Bazaar! “Jumbo Day” will mean multiplied profits! 


1. Community is key

The web3 and NFT Community is largely based and scaled on the contribution of a decentralized group of people who have the same ideals in mind. We aim to uphold such values in the creation of our Nuttiverse. Communities will be constantly engaged with the quests and tasks that provide incentives, their achievement will be celebrated and their contribution to building the Nuttiverse will be recognized thoroughly.


2. Your land is your land

As a NutCity NFT holder, you are entitled to a land parcel in the Nuttiverse. These land parcels can exist in any of the four worlds and will be a careful mix of resources, elements, and similar components that you can use to build, live and play in the Nuttiverse. You are free to do whatever you want to do with your land as long as it follows the community guidelines. The only thing that would be fixed is the topography and the basic resources and elements that constitute the land.

As the development progresses, we will also allow players to get their models and creative works into the Nuttiverse making it a truly vibrant space.


3. Save the planet.

The aim of Nuttiverse is for players to have fun while they help save the planet. Remember that there will be no web3 or NFT Community if there is no earth itself. Hence you must take care of the BUD-E Virtual asset placed on your land. That is what decides the uniqueness of your land and will help you gather more profits and rewards for taking care of the same. For any reason, if you are unable to do so, Nuttiverse will automatically take care of such elements till we find a suitable buyer or player.



The link between the dev team, the founder, and the community will be that of a collective family, unlike other gaming metaverses which have a corporate approach.

The Nuttiverse will be open to all where even non-land holders can participate in quests and daily tasks. Although the quests will be first open to the NutCity NFT holders where we can try out new content, test the tech, and gather significant conclusions to make the experience better. Non-technical players will also have the freedom to build their quests and models with our user-friendly interface at the Nuts & Bolts.

The Nuttiverse will be a one-of-a-kind metaverse that has real live links to real-world assets and we choose to develop this openly with the community. We will make a conscious effort to hear your thoughts, ideas, fixes and correct ourselves if there are any mistakes from our end.


Nuts & Bolts is essentially a go-to central system for users to create, interact and design elements that will enhance your stay in the Nuttiverse. The interface will consist of three main categories

The NutCentral 

A place where you can customize your Nutizen Account, add and chat with fellow Nutizens, and define your identity in the Nuttiverse.

The BUD-E 

This is where you will be interacting with your live 3d asset. It will keep track of your profits, and yields and also have a live tracking system of the actual asset IRL. Our end of the promise is, we shall strive to adopt real-life farms, animals, and forests from the profits Nuttiverse makes, help the earth get greener and generate fair trade livelihood! A tracker system shall be made available for owners to keep in touch with their corresponding “earthly farms”!


The NutObjects 

The interface will help you design your 3d avatar and the 3d models that you will construct or import to be placed on your land

The NutMarket 

This will be the Nuttiverse official marketplace for trading, purchasing, and selling all kinds of elements, and resources that can be otherwise mined, harvested, or created. The heart of the Nuttiverse economy will be the NutMarket.

There will be limitless options as to what you can create with the resources you buy or barter in the marketplace. These creations can be sold as a separate NFT if you wish or you can use them to level up your game within the Nuttiverse.

Whats is the Nuttiverse ?
+ Prithvi II
+ Spirit Earth
+ Draeldion
+ Ventis
How will the Nuttiverse sustain?
+ Case 1
+ Case 2
Why Invest in the Nuttiverse ?
+ Raceday
+ Free Fire
+ Jumbo Day
+ Community is Key
+ Your land is your land
+ Save the planet
Open Development
Nuts & Bolts
+ The NutCentral
+ The BUD-E
+ The NutObjects
+ The NutMarket

The Mechanics of Nuttiverse

An elaborate perspective of the Nuttiverse business model

Click on each circle to enlarge and for a better understanding of each component 

nuttiverse (Whiteboard) (1920 × 1080px).png





































Income Stream
The Mechanics of the Nuttiverse






    The Nuttiverse will be constantly developing ways to sustain itself and create healthy income opportunities for the user base and itself. As time progress, our team along with the community will look for passive income streams that will help Nuttiverse in its long-term goals. Following are some of the established income avenues that we will be looking to tap into. 


    We would initially be acquiring funds from VCs that have a similar outlook when it comes to saving the planet and the ethical use of the metaverse concept. That being said, the Nuttiverse will belong to the community and the team behind running it. In no way will its shareholding value be diluted to an extent where the community will risk losing its voice.


   The Nuttiverse being an inclusive space will host events and gatherings of all scales and objectives. We will have exclusive spaces demarcated on the map for companies and even the community to host exhibitions, product launches, and seminars. So if NIKE in the future is looking to launch its new apocalypse-themed gear, Draeldion will be the space where the world will gather. The visual setting and UX are so varied that any company from any walk of life can find an appropriate space and crowd. Companies will be charged a premium for doing so but NutCity NFT holders will get exclusive perks and benefits e.g. one on one sessions with the speaker, discounts on product launches, and even priority status for gallery spaces.


   Advertising will take a fresh perspective on the Nuttiverse. We will have banners and Non Playable Characters (NPCs) placed strategically in the metaverse talking about the product in question. There will NOT be jarring visuals or sounds interrupting your gameplay or daily tasks. We will also not indulge in unethical activities like placing tracking cookies to know your likes and dislikes. Adverts will be placed in public places where everyone can interact with them and if you are interested can interact with the ad further.


   2.5% of creator royalties will be transferred to the Nuttiverse Community Pool which will help realize projects that save the planet and help build better earth. These projects will be put forward by the community and seconded for them to become a reality. 

Another 2.5% will go to the development of the Nuttiverse in the virtual space. This will help in the constant upgradation of Nuttiverse as a gaming and non-gaming enterprise.


The expenses are solely catered towards the upliftment and development of the Nuttiverse business model. We will not be pouring millions into web2 advertising techniques like putting on an ad during the super bowl etc. We firmly believe that our work will speak for itself and will be constantly creating content and engagement through web3 and accepted social channels. Following are four main categories that would define our expenditure. Any additional expense streams will be formally put forward to the community and a decision will be taken after all opinions are recorded.


The company expenses will include staff salaries, marketing investments, and everything that is required for the Nuttiverse backend team to run efficiently. 


After the base of Nuttiverse is stable, we will look to collaborate, and even establish another project that will help Nuttiverse and other like-minded or similar institutions to help achieve their objectives. e.g. The BUD-E technology can be extensively used as a tracking device for agrarian firms to track whole farms and carry out tasks from its interface.


A later phase of our business model will have our reforested and farmland areas include farm stays of all types. We aim to help the Nutizens touch some grass and not just be a slave to the virtual world. NutCity NFT holders will have access, perks and other exciting opportunities to all these farms stays all over the world. Imagine a scenario where you would like to take a break from the virtual world and head to an abode overlooking the Aegean and have a personalized experience.


When the model is profitable and flourishing we will be allocating some funds to acquire land at curated places all over the world to continue our goals of reforestation and farming. The benefit of this would be that the ownership will lie with Nuttiverse as an entity where the community will have complete authority to do whatever is mutually decided unlike in the case of partner farms.


The Nuttiverse belongs to whoever wants to use web3 for the greater good.... and wants to have some fun while doing it. We want to make Nuttiverse a way of life rather than just something like a social website or a gaming world where you log in for a few hours and forget about it. The Nuttiverse will be a breeding ground for everything that can and can not happen in the physical world. Nuttiverse will aim to be the new social parameter that almost everyone will have and need. Broadly speaking, the Nuttiverse can be used for two main types of activities. (S.W.E.E.P) and (NAB.G)


The SWEEP program will have all the events, projects, workshops, etc. listed in one place so that everyone is aware and can set reminders for them to attend. The SWEEP program aims to capture the attention of the non-gamers that are more focused on other global topics. This is one of the ways that Nuttiverse and the NFT community can "bridge the proverbial gap". The SWEEP program would be open to anybody and anywhere. A guest who is clueless about web3 can easily just log in as a guest and access the event. The program can be exclusively utilized by the Nuttiverse Land Holders to have small exhibitions of their own showcasing their products or services that can be seen by a global community.


The NAB.G will be a classic MMORPG, that will span all four worlds. Quests, races, shooting, and other exciting games will be held and the key is your Nuttiverse Avatar. As a NAB.G user, you will have to traverse all 4 worlds and know the secrets of where you can find the best equipment to gather, craft, or barter your equipment like cars or guns that you will require to play these games. Ventis would probably have a 100-player free fire event and you may have to get your weapons from the arsenal in the apocalyptic Draeldion. The mixed-use of all worlds will give rise to interesting narratives and keep everyone engaged.


Currently, only about 4% to 5% of the world population are involved in web3, NFTs, crypto, and other allied fields. The huge gap is because none of the products have catered to the rest of the population. Nuttiverse will aim to change that narrative. Creating a common watering hole for all kinds of people from all walks of life can come and live their lives in the Nuttiverse. Keeping this philosophy in mind, we would have two kinds of user pools namely - 


The typical gaming community involves gamers of all types. Most quests will be universal which will break the barrier between different types of gamers. That being said, there would also be exclusive quests and games that play out every week with a storyline. The scenarios are endless when it comes to the depth of visual brilliance and intensive gameplay that we can achieve.


The non-gamers are those folks who will be using Nuttiverse for anything else besides gaming. It could be anything from attending a weekly lecture taught by a famous Nutizen or perhaps raising awareness about a certain cause or even setting up a virtual office for a project that needs collaborators. Imagine your normal life now but the ability to freely use locations and the power to get your message across with little effort to the masses. Keeping our principle objective in mind to adopt the planet, there will be exhibitions and seminars that our partner NGOs will be hosting. The onboarding process would be simplified for first-time web3 users to a very basic level so that they don't feel intimidated.

+ Ventur Captalists
+ Event Sponsrship
+ Advertising & Marketing
+ Royalties
Expense Stream
+ Company Expenses
+ Investment in Sister Projects
+ Ecological Tourism
+ Land Acquisition
+ S.W.E.E.P
User Profile
+ Gamers
+ Non-Gamers


The core point of the Nuttiverse is that every land parcel will have a unique element in it that is connected to a real-world asset called BUD-E. BUD-E could be anything from a tree to a farm animal that exists in reality and can be adopted by you the player. You can choose to buy such elements from the collection available and place them on your land to create a whole farm for better profits. The player among other activities should also take care of such elements and their upkeep. The upkeep will fund the caregivers in real life to take care of such assets. The yield gained from these assets will benefit the caregiver, make the earth a little bit greener, and equitably transfer back into the Nuttiverse to the player. The yield will be equitably converted to ETH helps you exist peacefully, and participate in events, and quests. The best part? You as a landholder in the Nuttiverse can also take a holiday on one of the farms that you have helped grow free of cost. Imagine a life where you have fun growing a virtual farm, playing and living it up in the Nuttiverse and after some time can visit it physically and enjoy the fruits of your virtual labor.


For the BUD-E system and the Nuttiverse, in general, to be successful, we have already shortlisted a few challenges that may come up and how we plan to tackle them- 

Tech for mass crowds and rendering

We will be using nanite tech from UE5 and the M², a metaverse network and ecosystem powered by its Morpheus technology to help us cater to larger crowds and maintain a minimum of 30 FPS. We will gradually open up the metaverse to more and more crowds to gauge the playability and rendering capabilities and make adjustments accordingly. M2 is a game changer and we plan to put it to the best of uses. That being said we will update our tech if a better technology comes by.

Tech for BUD.E system

We will extensively use scanning software like Meshroom to make proper replicas of 3d assets like trees. The assets will come with a host of parameters that you can choose to customize. We will also try partnering with the quixel mega-scan team to accelerate our growth.

In the physical world, we will be adopting AI, drones, and cloud tech to deliver real-time data on your assets. We will strive to partner with firms like solinftec with their ALICE AI platform.

The major focus of the BUD-E system is the use of the blockchain. All transactions both in the Nuttiverse and the physical world will be recorded and open for anyone to see. e.g. The profits gained by the farmer for selling the yield will be recorded and the partial profits sent to the Nuttiverse user will also be recorded on the BUD.E system.

Adoption/Owning Partner Farms

Some of our funds will be catering to adopting lands, and farmers that don’t have the necessary financial support for sustained living. The Nuttiverse will help them and help green the planet by providing financial assistance from which they can lead a good life. In return, we will be making use of the output from the farm to cover our costs and also equitably transfer some profit back to the Nuttiverse to the player whose BUD.E helped the farmer. Some of the lands will also be brought outright if our team feels that there is potential that hasn’t been realized yet. These lands will house farms, and eco-resorts and promote a sustainable way of life. In the initial stages, we will make it exclusively only for Nuttiverse NFT holders but may open up some locations to the public. That being said, the first preference always goes to Nuttiverse holders.


Most likely, your virtual BUD.E have real-life roots in one of our partner farms. Several land parcels around the world are drastically underutilized or also lying barren because the farmer doesn't have the financial backing to run a farm. This is where the BUD-E will step in to create a partnership with the farmer or the farm owner. In the Nuttiverse, you will have a BUD-E placed on your land to interact with. Ideally, BUD-E will help with establishing, educating, and processing to run the farm and make it profitable. The profits are shared equitably between the owner of the BUD.E asset on the Nuttiverse and the farmer.


One of the key sources of additional or tax-free income for these farms is government subsidies that can add some financial firepower to these farms. We aim to help the farmer utilize these benefits for increased profits thereby resulting in a perfectly balanced economic model. Following are some of the key nations which will house our partner farms -


The UK issues one-off grants ranging from $2200 to $550000 depending on what kind of farming you will be undertaking and the technology you need for it.. Source


The EU takes farming very seriously and rewards it by handing out a hefty subsidy for several items. To put it into perspective, over 40% of the EU budget was allocated for agrarian use.. Source.


An average Japanese farmer sees about 41% income from government subsidies. The gap in expenditure and income has led Japan to a food shortage over the years. A strategic intervention by Nuttiverse can help rejuvenate the farming scene in Japan and help the overall farmer's economy as well.. Source


You could get up to $10000 when it comes to subsidies in Canada among a host of other benefits. Canada has a lot of land but no farmers and are trying hard to find them. Partner Farms in Canada can be hugely successful when done right.. Source


One of the most agrarian devoted governments, you will find all kinds of subsidies catering to different aspects of farming. Over 30% of a farmer's income can be covered through subsidies. Having largely agrarian communities also gives exposure to new and improved farming techniques. .Source


The USDA has continuously spent an average of $15 Billion every year since 2016. They offer multiple grants, subsidies, and low-interest loans that can help cater to our farming goals in the US. 



Nuttiverse keeping true to its primary goal will engage in mass reforestation drives all around the globe with partnerships and subsidies from local governments. They will also be a part of the eco-tourism projects that we have planned.


The UK offers tree planting and woodland grants to balance the felling of trees. They offer up to $3000 per hectare under various grants and schemes. Source


The EU under the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development has earmarked a whooping $400,000 for the upliftment of forests and is willing to offer aid and subsidies for wide-scaled plantations. Source


Japan supports initiatives that offer technology as leverage for afforestation in large areas. There are several perks issued by the government of Japan when it comes to reforestation such as subsidies in the supply of seeds and even manpower.. Source


Canada has vowed to invest up to $3.2 billion under the 2BT program for projects that cater to reforesting in designated areas. They hope to achieve the unique goal of planting 2 billion trees by 2031 under the program.. Source


One of the leading nations when it comes to reforestation India has broken multiple records for plantation drives. They have a unique approach where every state has a different scheme or grant instead of just the ones by the central government, giving rise to various new schemes and opportunities.


The US forest service offers various grants like the Stewardship, the Great American Outdoors Act, and Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration. Each averaging a decent $30 to $40 million in funding. 



Once we are financially stable, the Nuttiverse will work very closely with 3rd world countries to inculcate, engage, establish and nurture thorough farming practices in severely famine-infected areas. 

We aim to solve the issues of food shortage by using funds to create a better planet by actually making an everlasting difference on the ground on an unfathomable scale. The power of web3 can only be felt when we can give the 900 million hungry people a way to live and eat at least a square meal a day. 

Apart from farming, we will also engage in eco-tourism and reforestation which can provide a functioning economical wing to under-developed countries. 


In conclusion, The Nuttiverse will transcend or bridge the gap between virtual and physical worlds solving real-world problems by leveraging web3 tech. It's time we think about the greater good rather than just create another MMORPG. It's time we save the planet before it's too late...

It's time to create Utopia.

Challenges and Solutions
+ Tech for mass crowds and rendering
+ Tech for BUD.E system
+ Partner Farms
Government Subsidy Utilisation
United Kingdom
+ EU
+ Japan
+ Canada
+ India
Reforestation Subsidy Utilisation
+ United Kingdom
+ EU
+ Japan
+ Canada
+ India
+ Adopting/Owning Partner Farms
3rd World Countries
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